The Chief Counsel and assistant attorneys who are deputy attorney generals, the creation of which is set forth in NRS 408.172, act as the attorney and legal advisor to the Transportation Board of Directors (Board) and the many Divisions of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) in all actions, proceedings, hearings and all matters relating to the NDOT and to the powers and duties of its officers. In particular, they provide day-to-day counsel and advice and plaintiff and defense litigation services. They are supported by Legal Secretaries, Legal Researchers and NDOT Condemnation staff. They work in offices at the NDOT Headquarters in Carson City, Nevada and in the State of Nevada, Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The Board and NDOT were created by the Nevada Legislature and are governed by NRS 408.100, Highways and Transportation Facilities. They are the custodians of the state highways and roads and are responsible for the improvement and development of facilities for transportation in the State.