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We thank the media who expose the reality of human trafficking and generate public awareness to the issue. Bringing this issue into the mainstream is a vital component to combat human trafficking.

    In this section, you can read more about coverage of General Masto’s efforts to address human trafficking.

    Reno Gazette Journal - Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signs major anti-sex trafficking
    June 6, 2013

      Sex trafficking is being defined in Nevada’s statutes for the first time in state history, and the penalties for associated crimes just got tougher.

      Las Vegas Review Journal - Governor signs sex trafficking bill aimed at pimps
      By Ed Vogel
      June 6, 2013

        CARSON CITY — Any pimps out there? Keep your hands off young girls and boys or you might be sent to prison for a long time.

        Las Vegas Review Journal - Nevada sex trafficking bill sent to governor
        By Sean Whaley
        June 1, 2013

          CARSON CITY — A bill establishing the crime of sex trafficking of children and adults was on its way to Gov. Brian Sandoval on Saturday after the Assembly agreed to changes to the measure made by the state Senate.

          Associated Press / Reno Gazette Journal - Nevada Legislature passes large anti-sex trafficking bill
          June 1, 2013

            The Legislative session’s most comprehensive sex trafficking bill is now awaiting Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval’s signature.

            KNPR Radio 88.9 FM Nevada Public Radio - Penalizing The Pimps (audio included)
            By Marie Andrusewicz
            May 23, 2013

              Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has a plan that punishes the perpetrators of sex trafficking – the pimps – instead of the victims they recruit.

              KVVU TV FOX 5 - Vegas mother, attorney general, fight to end sex trafficking
              By Lindsay Curtis
              May 16, 2013

                LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Prostitution and human trafficking is a $32 billion industry worldwide, and Las Vegas is one of the capitals of it. A bill making its way through the Nevada Legislature is aimed at toughening punishments for pimps, and making sure the victims have the resources they need to recover.

                Associated Press / Elko Daily Free Press - Nevada committee passes major sex trafficking bill
                April 9, 2013

                  CARSON CITY (AP) — Nevada lawmakers continue their drive for anti-sex trafficking legislation by passing the session’s most comprehensive bill on the subject.

                  KTNV TV ABC 13 - Nevada lawmakers discussing bill to curb sex trafficking (video included)
                  By Tina Patel
                  March 8, 2013

                    Carson City, NV (KTNV) -- A bill is making its way through the Nevada Legislature to curb sex trafficking in the state.

                    Action News sat down with Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto to talk about the goal of the proposal and why it's only one part of the solution.

                    Las Vegas Review Journal - Hundreds turn out for first hearing of sex trafficking bill
                    By Ed Vogel 
                    Feb. 20, 2013

                    CARSON CITY - Las Vegas businesswoman Amy Ayoub told Nevada legislators Wednesday that she felt she had an "I am a prostitute" tattoo on her forehead for much of her life and feared that people somehow would find out about the shameful life she lived as a young woman.

                    KRNV TV NBC 4 - Masto wants to pass legislation giving harsher punishment to sex trafficking (video included)
                    Feb. 20, 2013

                      Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is trying to get a new bill passed that will give harsher punishment to crimes involving sex trafficking.

                      Associated Press / Reno Gazette Journal - Lawmakers hear testimony on sex trafficking bill
                      By Matt Woolbright
                      Feb. 20, 2013

                        Camille Naaktgeboren says she wants the world to know the grim truth of modern day slavery so other victims in Nevada will have the same chance recover that she’s had

                        Las Vegas Sun - Sex trafficking victims plead with lawmakers to strengthen law
                        By Andrew Doughman
                        Feb. 20, 2013

                          Legislators heard emotional pleas to strengthen Nevada’s sex trafficking laws this morning from a victim of sex trafficking and a mother whose daughter was victimized by a pimp.

                          KTVN CBS TV 2 - Nevada Officials Urge Action Against Sex Trafficking
                          Feb. 11, 2013

                            Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is enlisting the support of anyone who will listen for her anti-sex trafficking bill before the Assembly.

                              Nearly 80 people, including lawmakers, religious and civic activists, filled the seats of a legislative hearing room Monday to support AB 67 and learn more about the state of sex trafficking in Nevada.

                              Las Vegas Review Journal - Op-Ed: Join the fight against sex trafficking
                              By Catherine Cortez Masto
                              Jan. 13, 2013

                                The crime of sex trafficking is one of the most egregious human rights violations, and it is happening in Nevada.

                                Las Vegas Sun - EDITORIAL: Modern-day slavery
                                Jan. 13, 2013

                                  Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto last week held a meeting at UNLV about human trafficking, and it was well worth the time and coverage it received.

                                  Las Vegas Review JournalOp-Ed: Join the fight against sex trafficking
                                  By Catherine Cortez Masto
                                  Jan. 13, 2013

                                    The crime of sex trafficking is one of the most egregious human rights violations, and it is happening in Nevada.

                                    Las Vegas Sun - Summit attendees vow to sustain fight against sex-trafficking industry
                                    By Jackie Valley
                                    Jan. 10, 2013

                                      Authorities say the force driving the sex-trafficking industry, one that’s flourishing in Las Vegas and around the world, comes down to simple economics: supply and demand.

                                      Las Vegas Review Journal - Sex trafficking horror revealed
                                      By Tom Ragan
                                      Jan. 9, 2013

                                        The signs that her youngest daughter was a prostitute couldn't have been more obvious, although she didn't make the connection at the time.

                                        KTNV TV ABC 13 - Attorney general hosts Sex Trafficking Summit (video included)
                                        By Tina Patel
                                        Jan. 9, 2013

                                          Andrea Swanson shared her family's story during Nevada's first Sex Trafficking Summit, because she wanted to put a face to the issue.

                                          KLAS TV CBS 8 - Sex Trafficking Focus of State Bill (video included)
                                          By Sharie Harvin
                                          Jan. 9, 2013

                                            A Las Vegas mother said her heart still aches months after Metro Police rescued her daughter from sex trafficking.

                                            Andrea Swanson's testimony came during a sex trafficking summit hosted by Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

                                            Cortez Masto is rallying support for a sex trafficking bill to be introduced in the next legislative session, which begins Feb. 4.

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