Confidential Address Program - About Us

The goal of the Confidential Address Program, as established by the 1997 Nevada State Legislature, is to assist victims fleeing abusive situations and attempting a fresh start for themselves and their children. The program began when it became clear that in far too many cases, victims were being physically located through public records. The program is simple and has two basic parts:

  1. A fictitious mailing address
  2. Confidential voter registration records

First, CAP participants are granted the use of a fictitious mailing address, which is maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State. When victims enter into business relationships with state and local agencies, the use of the fictitious address both maintains the victims' confidentiality and relieves those agencies of the difficult and costly responsibilities of maintaining confidential records. In this way, CAP participants are at a reduced risk for being tracked using state and local public records. The second part of the program provides for the protection of voter registration records. To be effective, CAP participation must be one part of a victim's long-term, personal security strategy. You can receive help in developing your individual security strategy and identifying resources and components for your plan at a domestic violence program near you. For the location of the program nearest you, please call: 1-888-432-6189

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