What is the mission of the Nevada Medicaid Fraud Control Unit?

The mission of the Nevada Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) is to serve the public, to assist in the protection of the integrity of the Medicaid program from those that try and abuse it, to investigate and prosecute fraud by providers in the Nevada Medicaid program, and to protect elderly and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect in medical facilities.

    The MFCU will strive to accomplish its mission through the pursuit of the following goals:

      • To effectively investigate and successfully prosecute health care providers who commit fraudulent or illegal acts in connection with any aspect of the provision of health care services or the provision of goods reimbursed through Nevada Medicaid.
      • When appropriate, to investigate and prosecute instances of abuse and/or neglect that take place in medical facilities which in turn will help protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society, children, elderly and disabled vulnerable adults.
      • Work with Nevada Medicaid, other state agencies, the public and the healthcare industry to detect, investigate, and prosecute fraudulent acts or instances of abuse or neglect, to be an effective deterrent to crime, and to help bring about a reduction in the level of fraud associated with the providing of health care services funded by Nevada Medicaid.