Here you will find information to help you contact the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.

      Keep in mind that the Attorney General cannot provide you with legal advice. If you are seeking answers to legal questions or need someone to take your case to court, you will need to find a private attorney.

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          Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Hotline: 702-486-3132
          The Hotline is updated on a regular basis. Have a pen or pencil handy and make the appropriate selection when prompted.

            Most Nevadans can contact the Nevada Attorney General's Office with a local telephone call to our nearest office. We can then transfer you to the party with whom you need to speak. Below are the telephone and fax numbers to our offices statewide.

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              If it is important enough for you to write it down, it's important that we hear from you.

                Carson City Office:
                Office of the Attorney General

                100 North Carson Street
                Carson City, NV 89701
                Telephone: 775-684-1100
                Fax: 775-684-1108

                  Reno Office:
                  Office of the Attorney General

                  5420 Kietzke Lane, Suite 202
                  Reno, NV 89511
                  Telephone: 775-688-1818
                  Fax: 775-688-1822

                    Las Vegas Office:
                    Office of the Attorney General

                    Grant Sawyer Building
                    555 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 3900
                    Las Vegas, NV 89101
                    Telephone: 702-486-3420
                    Fax: 702-486-3768