Committee on Domestic Violence (Batterers' Treatment)


Arlene Rivera
(702) 486-5714

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    The treatment of domestic violence offenders in the State of Nevada employs a variety of theories, modalities and techniques.  Domestic violence perpetrators are a separate category of violent offenders requiring a specialized approach.  The goal is victim safety through cessation of violence. 

    The Committee on Domestic Violence (CDV) certifies, reviews and monitors batterers treatment programs for the State of Nevada in accordance with NRS 228.470 and NAC Chapter 228. The CDV adopts regulations for the evaluation, certification and monitoring of programs for the treatment of persons who commit domestic violence.

      For any questions related to the certification process, please contact: 

      Jason Mouannes
      Administrative Assistant to
      Arlene Rivera, Ombudsman
      , Office of the Attorney General
      555 E. Washington Ave., Suite 3900
      Las Vegas, NV 89101
      Tel:  702-486-3782
      Fax:  702-486-3768


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