Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt Issues Statement on Marsy’s Law

May 27, 2015

Carson City, NV – Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement today urging the state Senate to concur with the state Assembly’s proposed amendments relating to Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 17, otherwise known as Marsy’s Law. The resolution proposes an amendment to the Nevada Constitution in an effort to expand victims’ rights.

    “I urge the state Senate to concur with the Assembly’s amendments and pass Marsy’s Law, a resolution which, if adopted, would set forth a bill of rights for victims of crimes,” said Laxalt. “With the passage of this resolution, the Nevada Constitution would give victims of crime the voice they so deserve.”

      The resolution would grant victims the right to be informed of the status of criminal proceedings concerning the crime or crimes committed against them, the right to be present at public hearings concerning those crimes, and the right to be heard at all proceedings for the sentencing or release of persons convicted of those crimes, among others.

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