Attorney General Laxalt Issues Statement Applauding Interior Secretary Zinke’s Order Implementing Sage-Grouse Review Team Report

August 7, 2017

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke released a report from the Department’s Sage-Grouse Review Team, composed of officials from federal land management agencies. The Review Team is tasked with enhancing cooperation between the United States and western states, as well as recommending revisions to existing federal sage-grouse plans.

    Secretary Zinke ordered the immediate implementation of the report, beginning with actions that recognize key issues emphasized by the Office of the Nevada Attorney General in its two federal court cases challenging aspects of existing federal sagegrouse plans and defending Nevada’s expertise and prerogatives in carrying out statelevel sage-grouse plans. Earlier this year, one of these litigations successfully resulted in the current federal plan for Nevada being declared invalid.

      “I am glad to see this progress on an issue important to so many Nevadans,” said Laxalt. “I agree with Secretary Zinke that the federal government and Nevada can protect the sage-grouse and its habitat, while also ensuring that conservation efforts do not undermine job growth and local communities.”

        Among other actions, Secretary Zinke ordered the Bureau of Land Management to issue or modify its policy on fluid mineral leasing and development, increase flexibility in grazing management, and investigate the removal or modification of sage grouse “focal areas” in certain states.

          Today’s report and order are available here.