Attorney General Laxalt Issues Statement Applauding Interior Secretary Zinke’s Plan to Review Sage Grouse Management

June 8, 2017

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced plans to review the department’s sage grouse management plans. An assembled team will evaluate the current management plans and report its findings and recommendations within 60 days:

    “I applaud Secretary Zinke for undertaking this much-needed review that my office and a majority of Nevada’s counties have long argued for,” said Laxalt. “My office remains dedicated to protecting the interests of Nevada and ensuring that federal agencies take our unique needs and concerns into account. We look forward to working with Secretary Zinke to develop a plan that protects the greater sage grouse in ways that recognize Nevada’s expertise and commitment to this important issue, and that also preserves and expands Nevada jobs in sectors like mining and ranching. An intelligent sage grouse plan can do both successfully.”

      In October 2015, AG Laxalt joined a suit on behalf of the State of Nevada challenging the federal government’s land-use plan. In 16 western states including Nevada, the federal plan proposes the withdrawal of more than 10 million acres of federal land from public use. In Nevada alone, mineral exploration and development is barred on nearly three million acres. Additionally, the plan may result in significant restrictions on livestock grazing, resource development, solar and wind energy, and public access on over sixteen million acres of public land in Nevada.