Attorney General Laxalt Launches 2017 “AG for a Day” Tour

June 2, 2017

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt announced plans for his 2017 “AG for a Day” tour beginning on June 8 in Ely, Nevada. The tour will bring the Office of the Attorney General to Nevadans across the State. Although the office represents the interests of all Nevadans each and every day, the “AG for a Day” tour provides an additional opportunity for AG Laxalt and his staff to hear the concerns of residents in different counties and to be directly responsive to them. The idea for bringing the office to different locations originated in November of 1968 when Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt created his “Capital for a Day” tour. With members of his cabinet, Governor Laxalt traveled the State to identify and address issues of concern.

    In keeping with this tradition, AG Laxalt launched his first “AG for a Day” tour in September of 2016. This year, AG Laxalt will be accompanied by members of his staff representing major divisions within the Office of the Nevada Attorney General as they present on topics affecting local residents. Collectively, the presentations will include a discussion of free civil legal services for our military, public lands, guardianship and elder exploitation, taxation, consumer fraud, senior safety tips, identity theft, domestic violence and services for victims. Following the presentations, AG Laxalt and his staff will listen to the concerns of residents and be available to answer any questions.

      “Last year’s ‘AG for a Day’ tour afforded my office the unique opportunity to interact with Nevadans all over the State and to discuss the services we offer. Ensuring that my office can be responsive to the needs of our constituents and be of assistance is the ultimate goal of this tour. Based on the feedback from last year, we are excited to launch a new series of informational presentations on this year’s tour, and hope that Nevadans will take advantage of this opportunity and join us at our stops.”

        Beginning in Ely, the tour will include one or more stops per month beginning in northern Nevada and concluding in southern Nevada. Click here for the "AG for a Day Tour flyer".



          Monica Moazez
          Communications Director

          2017 AG for a Day Flyer