Government and Natural Resources

The Attorney General's Division of Government and Natural Resources addresses legal topics and serves client agencies and officials responsible for providing core government infrastructure and for managing the State's natural resources and regulating its environment. The Division has 19 deputy attorney general positions. Major client departments and agencies include:

    Buildings & Grounds
    Conservation and Natural Resources
    Cultural Affairs
    Deferred Compensation Committee
    Employee-Management Committee
    Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR)
    Environmental Protection
    Information Technology (DoIT)
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board
    Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers (NAIW)
    Nevada National Guard
    Nevada Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
    Nuclear Projects
    Open Meeting Law
    Private Investigators' Licensing Board
    Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS)
    Purchasing Division
    Risk Management
    Secretary of State
    State Lands
    Veterans' Services
    Yucca Mountain

      The primary duties include assisting state agencies in planning, organizing, and guiding division and departmental legal activities and providing advice and counsel to administrative officers of the departments concerning legal rights and obligations. The workload involves representation of clients, including litigation and daily advice in such areas as civil rights, employment law, and administrative law. Litigation includes administrative and regulatory matters in the courts of the State of Nevada and the United States and involving various federal and state administrative agencies. Assisting agencies includes bill drafting, legislative and interest group interactions, and appearances before the Legislature. Advising state agencies related to the Nevada Open Meeting Law is a major responsibility. Contract negotiation and evaluation is part of representation of any government agency.