Attorney General's Tort Claim Unit

The Tort Claim Fund is established for payment of claims which are the obligations of the state, including those pursuant to NRS 41. Typical claims against the state include automobile accidents where a State employee may be liable, injuries on the state's premises or highways where there may be negligence on behalf of the State, and damages claimed in which the State or a State employee may have been negligent or liable for violation of the civil rights of inmates, state employees, or the general population.

    The Tort Claim Fund is an internal service fund supported by funds (premiums) collected from state agencies. Each agency is assessed an amount based on the number of its automobiles, and/or full time equivalent (FTE) positions. The Tort Claim Manager, with assistance from the Program Officer I, maintains the Tort Claims Fund for payment of claims upon approval of the board of examiners and pursuant to NRS 41.