Complaints & Constituent Frequently Asked Questions


The Constituent Services Unit fields complaints to ensure each one is reviewed by the appropriate division with the Attorney General’s Office.  While the Nevada Office of the Attorney General represents the interests of Nevada residents on a wide range of issues, our office has limited jurisdiction over certain matters. Our primary areas of governance include but are not limited to – consumer fraud, financial fraud, missing and exploited children, human trafficking, insurance fraud, Medicaid fraud, worker’s comp fraud, mortgage fraud, cybercrimes, tobacco enforcement, opioid/healthcare fraud, and open meeting law violations.  

Please note: The Nevada Attorney General’s Office cannot provide you with legal advice or represent you in personal legal actions. If you cannot afford a private attorney, you may consider contacting your local legal aid office. If you are seeking answers to legal questions or need someone to assist you in court, you will need to find a private attorney.

If you would like to share a concern, opinion or make an inquiry about a specific issue with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, email us at

    Complaint Process:

    1. Your complaint will be reviewed and processed within 14 to 45 business days. When receiving a high volume of complaints, the review process may take longer than 45 business days. 
    2. A staff member will contact you if additional information is needed to thoroughly review your complaint.
    3. If it is determined another agency is more appropriate to address your complaint, we will forward it to that agency and provide you with contact information to follow-up with them directly. 
    4. To inquire about your complaint or to provide supporting documentation, please reply to the auto-generated acknowledgement email you received after submitting your complaint.
    5. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email after 24 hours, please call the Attorney General’s Office at (775) 684-1100 or (702) 486-3420.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and FAQ State Agency Referral Index below. If you are unsure where to direct your complaint, you may submit the Attorney General’s Office complaint form.  

      Q. I was deceived and misled into a timeshare contract. I need help getting out of the contract.  

      A. The Nevada Real Estate Division regulates time share companies, visit  their website for information on how to file a complaint.      

       Please note, if your transaction did not take place in Nevada, or does not involve a Nevada property, please contact the appropriate licensing authority of the state in which the transaction occurred and/or where the property is located for further assistance. 

      Q. Solar company deceived me into a contract and lied about the price I would be paying on my utility bill.  

      A. File a complaint with our office,  ElectronicConsumer Complaint 

      The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada’s (PUCN) Consumer Complaint Resolution Division receives and investigates complaints made against solar installation companies. The Complaint Resolution Division can facilitate your complaint and make sure it’s handled by the correct State Department. Visit  PUCN for more information on how to file a complaint. 

      Q. I have a complaint about an Auto Dealership, Repair shop did not do a satisfactory job and overcharged.  

      A. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Compliance Enforcement Division (CED) licenses and regulates auto dealers and similar businesses, body shops, garages emission inspections stations and driving school. Visit CED to learn how to file a complaint. Please note the DMV does not represent private citizens seeking return of money or other personal remedies as a result of contractual disputes or civil actions.  

      Q. I am a veteran/active duty, what services does your office provide?  

      A. The Nevada Attorney General’s Office of Military Legal Assistance aids active duty, reserve and National Guard service members and their spouses. The veteran community, including spouses, are eligible to receive free will and medical/financial powers of attorney as well as general legal advice on most civil law matters. Veterans can receive these services at OMLA Ask-a Lawyer Events held regularly throughout the State of Nevada. Veterans may also request pro bono legal assistance online by visiting Get Help. The office may also be reached by email at and phone at 775-687-2140.  

      Q. My Facebook/Instagram account was wrongfully disabled, can you assist in restoring my account?  

      A. Meta has provided us with the Compromised Account Resources. The document provides guidance on how to seek assistance from Meta to both report compromised accounts and seek to have compromised accounts that have been disabled reviewed by Meta. 

      Q. I am seeking a refund from a Nevada business who misled me into buying a service or product, or has fraudulent business practices.    

      A. Nevada Consumer Affairs (NCA) helps people that have experienced financial hardship or loss because of fraud or deceptive business practice in Nevada. Visit NCA for guidance and resources to help you avoid these traps before putting your money at risk, and to file a complaint to help receive a refund. 

        FAQ State Agency Index

        You may report your complaint directly to the government agency that regulates or investigates a specific business, civil or criminal matter. Check the FAQ State Agency Referral Index below for more information.  

        FAQ State Agency Index

          Additional Support

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            Complete the Complaint Form

            Only formally filed and signed complaints will be processed. (SÓLO SE TRAMITARÁN LAS QUEJAS FORMALMENTE PRESENTADAS Y FIRMADAS.)  

            Formal complaints must be submitted electronically (preferred), in-person or by mail at one of our office locations.  

            Proceed to File a Complaint with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office   

            Proceder a presentar una queja ante la Oficina del Procurador General de Nevada

              Claims Against the State of Nevada

              Claim Against the State of Nevada     

              A tort claim may be filed against the State of Nevada for an incident/accident in which a State employee and/or State agency is alleged to have caused damages to another party.  More information on tort claims can be found at  



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