Nevada Consumer Affairs Division Announcement

The Nevada Consumer Affairs Division and its administrative duties have been temporarily eliminated by Assembly Bill 561 implementing the Governor’s recommendation to the 2009 Nevada State Legislature.

    The Nevada Consumer Affairs Division was the sole state agency that could pursue deceptive trade allegations via administrative enforcement seeking a resolution between the business and consumers, often pursuing mediation for consumer restitution. With its temporary elimination, the Consumer Affairs Division is no longer able to accept or process individual complaints.

      While the Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP) would like to act on all correspondence it receives, legal and/or practical limitations require BCP to focus its deceptive trade efforts on cases involving a pattern of fraudulent activity that substantially affects the public interest. BCP cannot represent individual consumers in these cases, nor can BCP assist individual consumers with their own private legal disputes. If you feel you are in need of legal assistance, you may wish to contact the State Bar of Nevada which offers a Nevada Lawyer Referral and Information Service. Their telephone number is (702) 382-0504. Also visit the Nevada Fight Fraud web site to learn of other government agencies that may be able handle your concerns.

        For additional information on the closure of the Consumer Affairs Division, please contact the Nevada Department of Business and Industry at (702) 486-7355.

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