Grants Unit

The Grants Unit within the Office of the Attorney General is responsible for the oversight of all federal grant funding received in relationship to the Violence Against Women Programs. The Nevada Attorney General's Office has become recognized as the focal point of the state-level efforts addressing domestic and sexual violence. The overarching goal of the Violence Against Women Grant Programs is to improve safety for victims in our state and to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

    As the state's leading law enforcement agency, the Attorney General has been instrumental in developing law enforcement protocols and training curriculum, as well as working with prosecutors and courts to identify barriers to help in their efforts to ensure victim safety and hold perpetrators accountable. Through the efforts of the Grant Unit and the Ombudsman, the office collaborates with the statewide victim services coalitions as well as other committees and councils to help broaden the availability of services for victims and ensure Nevada's laws keep victim safety in the forefront.