Fraud Unit

The Fraud Unit contains the Mortgage Fraud Unit, Insurance Fraud Unit, Securities Fraud Unit and Workers Compensation Fraud Unit.

  • The Mortgage Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes violations of mortgage fraud under NRS 205.372, as well as foreclosure rescue fraud, foreclosure fraud, and any and all other theft related crimes arising out of mortgage related transactions.
  • The Insurance Fraud Unit prosecutes all criminal violations pursuant to NRS 686A and more specifically 686A.2815 and 686.291. Typically, these cases involve individuals who fraudulently submit insurance claims.
  • The Workers' Compensation Fraud Unit prosecutes all criminal violations pursuant to NRS 616D. These cases involve either employers who fail to obtain workers compensation coverage for their employees or employees who submit fraudulent workers compensation claims.
  • The Securities Fraud Unit prosecutes crimes committed by individuals or corporations who engaged in the fraudulent conveyance of a security. These cases are primarily investigated by the Secretary of State's Office and referred to the Attorney General's Office for criminal prosecution. Individuals who have been victimized by a fraudulent security transaction or investment scheme, should contact the Secretary of State's office and report the incident.
  • The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigates instances of provider fraud as well as patient abuse or neglect in medical facilities and brings criminal charges against health-care providers who break the law.