Nevada Victims' Bill of Rights

The 1983 Nevada Legislature mandated certain rights and guarantees to crime victims and witnesses. Accordingly, Chapter 178 of the Nevada Revised Statutes recognizes the following needs and rights of crime victims.

    You have the right:

    • To know the status of the case in which you are involved
    • To be free from intimidation or dissuasion
    • To know when your impounded property may be released.
    • To receive a witness fee for lawful obedience to a subpoena.
    • To understand the existing victim compensation laws and receive compensation if applicable.
    • To a secure waiting area, which is not available to the defendant or his family, when you are at court.
    • To know when the defendant is released from custody before or during trial (upon written request).
    • To know when the offender is released from prison (upon written request). 

      More information on victims’ rights in Nevada is available in the booklet “Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Crime Victim and Witness”, produced by the Nevada Advisory Council for Prosecuting Attorneys.

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