Tobacco Enforcement Unit - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

    Are all cigarettes and RYO tobacco products legal for sale in Nevada?

    • No. Each manufacturer who wishes to sell cigarettes or RYO tobacco products in Nevada must meet certain requirements before such products are listed on a Nevada directory of approved manufacturers and brand families.

      How can a manufacturer sell its products in Nevada?

      • A manufacturer who wishes to sell cigarettes or RYO tobacco products in Nevada must first obtain a tobacco manufacturer’s license from the Nevada Department of Taxation. 
      • The manufacturer must also file an initial Certificate of Compliance with the Office of the Attorney General.
      • Additionally, the manufacturer must ensure that its cigarettes have been deemed “Fire Standard Compliant” by the Nevada Fire Marshal.
      • The manufacturer may not sell cigarettes until all of the requirements above have been completed.

        Are the certification requirements the same for NPMs and PMs?

        • No. Both manufacturers must certify using their respective forms, but PMs must follow the requirements under the MSA and NPMs must follow escrow and other reporting requirements.

          What are the escrow requirements for NPMs?

          • Every NPM must comply with the requirements laid out in NRS 370 and 370A, as well as in NAC 370, including establishing a qualified escrow fund, making quarterly escrow deposits, posting a bond, and filing quarterly certificates of compliance.

            When does the MSA end?

            • Never. In the MSA, the Participating Manufacturers agreed to make payments in perpetuity.

              Who handles tobacco licensing for the State?

              • The Nevada Department of Taxation MSA Enforcement Unit processes tobacco retail, wholesale, and manufacturer licenses for both cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products. 
              • For taxation or license specific questions, they can be reached via email at

                Who can I contact with questions?