Nevada Domestic Violence Ombudsman

Since the creation of the position during the 1997 Nevada Legislative session, the Domestic Violence Ombudsman acts as a state-level coordinator of system-wide improvements in domestic violence prevention and intervention that will enhance victim safety and increase offender accountability. The Ombudsman participates in various projects and committees in an effort to encourage greater consistency among law enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, and victim services particularly in the areas of service provision, protocol development, domestic violence training, and data gathering. The Ombudsman also participates in efforts to facilitate improvements in interagency coordination that will enhance victim safety and offender accountability. The Ombudsman facilitates meetings and prepares budgets for the Nevada Committee for Domestic Violence, the Statewide Fatality Review Team and the Domestic Violence Treatment Subcommittee.

    The Domestic Violence Ombudsman:

    1. provides information, referrals, and other necessary assistance to victims, to the criminal justice system and to the general public and is available to respond to and address complaints and concerns;
    2. provides education and technical assistance to various systems and the general public concerning domestic violence, including available assistance to victims, and available treatment to persons who commit domestic violence; and
    3. Administer the court assessment account for programs related to domestic violence (NRS 228.450).