Frequently Asked Questions About the ID Theft Program

What is the Identity Theft Program?

A unique program which provides victims of identity theft a method of demonstrating to law enforcement and creditors that their identity has been stolen, and of rehabilitating their credit history and identifying any fraudulent criminal charges.

    How do I apply for a Card?

    You must first file a police report with your local law enforcement agency regarding the theft of your identity. Once a report is filed, the officer will provide you with a brochure regarding the Identity Theft Program. This brochure will inform the victim of the procedures to follow to apply for an Identity Theft Card, and includes an application to fill out. You will then make an appointment with the appropriate agency as provided on the back of the brochure.

      If someone commits a crime in my name, can this card help prevent me from being arrested?

      The Card will provide officers with information that can assist them in further investigating your involvement as a falsely accused victim, and may prevent or reduce the detention that would otherwise have resulted.

        What security measures are in place so that someone can not get a card and use it to impersonate me?

        Your photo, signature and fingerprint are three identifiers taken as part of the application process. These will be placed on the Card if your application has been approved. Further, at the time of your appointment to apply for the Program, you will be asked to provide at least two forms of identification (as listed in the brochure). This identification procedure is to protect against a person obtaining a Card with false information.

          Is this program done anywhere else?

          The State of Nevada through the Attorney General's Office is just one of a number of states providing this service to the individuals within their states.

            Should I get a Program Card to prevent my Identity from being stolen?

            The Program is only for those that have already had their identity stolen and have filed a police report. You cannot obtain a Card otherwise.

              If my identity was stolen in 2000, would I be able to get a Card now?

              You would need to go to where you filed your original police report and request a brochure with your original case report number.

                Is there a number to call to talk to someone about the Program?

                Yes, for Northern Nevada call:  1-775-684-1100.  For Southern Nevada call:  1-702-486-3420.