Attorney General Masto in Mexico to Discuss Transnational Crime

March 24, 2014

MEXICO CITY - Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto will be in Mexico City, starting today, alongside a delegation of Attorneys General from California, Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico. The delegation will be in a series of meetings with Mexican state and federal officials to share best practices regarding technology, information sharing and prosecution coordination.

    “I am pleased to be working with a bi-partisan group of fellow state attorneys general to discuss law enforcement issues,” said Masto. “This ongoing exchange of information about best practices regarding technology, information sharing and prosecution helps us be more efficient law enforcement officers.”

      The purpose of this yearly trip is to enhance existing efforts to combat transnational organized-crime. Discussions will focus on what joint law enforcement actions may be taken to fight international money laundering and intellectual property crimes. The meetings will also focus on the ongoing battle against drug and human trafficking, cybercrimes and how technology advances can be part of the fight.

        Over the next two days, the delegation will meet with:

          The U.S. western state attorneys general are part of an alliance partnership that has provided training to Mexican investigators and prosecutors to assist Mexico as it transitions its justice system from a wholly paper-based to a trial-court system. It is expected that the revised system will help reduce corruption and improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in Mexico.