Attorney General Laxalt Appoints new Chief of Investigations

August 18, 2015

Carson City, NV – Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt announced the appointment of Roland Swanson, II, as the chief of investigations for the Nevada Attorney General’s Office. Chief Swanson will lead full-time sworn peace officers tasked with investigating public integrity, child exploitation, human trafficking, Medicaid fraud and elder abuse, among others.

    “Swanson has a long career as a public servant, and is knowledgeable and experienced in the investigative field,” said Laxalt. “With an exceptional background and experience in public integrity prosecutions, Swanson has demonstrated a commitment to achievement and success that will be an asset to our office.”

      Roland Swanson has a long and established career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Prior to this appointment, Swanson led the FBI counterterrorism operations in Sanna Yemen as the legal attaché assigned to the U.S. Embassy. He also served as the Las Vegas division’s counterterrorism program coordinator. Most recently, Swanson led sensitive political corruption investigations as part of the FBI’s Public Integrity Task Force in Southern Nevada.

        “I would like to thank Attorney General Laxalt for the opportunity to continue my service to the state,” said Swanson. “I am honored to step into this new role where I can continue to prioritize public safety in a law enforcement capacity.”

          Prior to joining the FBI, Swanson served as an active duty U.S. Army Infantry Officer. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Old Dominion University, and also earned a Master of Arts degree in organizational management.