General Adam Paul Laxalt Hosts Law Enforcement Summit

February 5, 2015

Carson City, NV – As part of his first major initiative as attorney general, Adam Paul Laxalt hosted a Law Enforcement Summit on Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 bringing together sheriffs, chiefs and district attorneys from Nevada’s 17 counties to address issues relevant to their respective communities.

    The summit, which took place at the Attorney General’s Office in Carson City with video conferencing to the Las Vegas office, was preceded by a press conference. The event was widely attended by law enforcement representatives from all of Nevada’s counties, and was helpful in identifying and discussing ways in which Nevada law enforcement could more effectively address criminal trends.

      “I was struck by how excited the participants were,” said Laxalt. “The summit certainly exceeded my high expectations, and successfully opened the lines of communication between state law enforcement officials, sheriffs, chiefs, district attorneys and the Nevada Attorney General’s Office,” Laxalt continued.

        The summit agenda included an overview of current programs for assistance provided by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, as well as topics such as violent crime, domestic violence, illegal drugs, child abuse and human trafficking, among others. Participants such as Mark Jackson, District Attorney of Douglas County, commented on the “amazing progress of the summit,” and noted the “positive feedback among all participants.” Keith Logan, Sheriff of Eureka County “found the discussions to be refreshing, and was excited to be a part of the summit,” and Michael Wheable, newly elected District Attorney of White Pine County, found that the collaboration “created a powerful synergy that will help make our communities a safer place for families.”