Attorney General Laxalt Hosts Third Law Enforcement Summit in Elko

February 17, 2016

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt hosted his third Law Enforcement Summit since taking office that brought together sheriffs, chiefs, district attorneys, city attorneys, program managers and other law enforcement officials from Nevada’s counties. The summit focused on how Nevada law enforcement could more effectively address emerging criminal trends and work together to create potential solutions.

    “These summits poise my office and law enforcement agencies across the state to provide the most efficient and professional enforcement of the law possible,” said Laxalt. “Hosting the summit in Elko County has further strengthened our collaboration with rural law enforcement, and I look forward to working together to make Nevada’s communities safer.”

      The event took place at the Elko Convention and Visitors Authority conference center in Elko County, and was widely attended by more than 120 law enforcement officials. The event built on topics from preceding summits, as well as new issues relevant to respective communities.

        “Today’s summit continues to open lines of communication between the rural counties and law enforcement throughout the state,” said Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson.

          Elko Police Chief Ben Reed added, “Holding the summit in Elko County demonstrates the state’s commitment toward addressing the statewide criminal issues and trends, as well as law enforcement issues unique to the rurals.”

            The summit agenda included presentations and updates on contemporary topics challenging law enforcement, such as cyber security, body cameras, elder abuse, key pieces of legislation and new developments in the law, among others.