Attorney General Laxalt Issues Statement in Response to Utah Associated Press Article on Federal Lands Report

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement regarding a Utah associated press article about a published Conference of Western Attorney General (CWAG) public lands report. At the annual CWAG meeting, attorneys general from only 12 western states voted on a report addressing western states’ ability to gain control of millions of acres of federal land. Nevada was the sole dissenting vote during the voting period to approve this report:

    "Within weeks of taking office in 2015, I joined CWAG's existing Public Land Committee because of the importance of this issue to me and all of Nevada. This past July, when just over a bare majority of CWAG's member states voted to approve the report's release, Nevada was the sole dissenting state. As it has consistently done during my term, the Nevada Attorney General's Office will continue to analyze substantive legal arguments to attempt to find creative ways to fight against federal overreach, including on this issue."

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