Attorney General Laxalt Releases Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE Program Business Case in Honor of Veterans Day

November 10, 2016

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt is pleased to announce the completion of the business case for the Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE Program. The program was officially launched one year ago in November, 2015, and is the nation’s first attorney general-led, public-private partnership offering our military communities access to pro bono civil legal services. In practice, the program pairs military Servicemembers in need of legal assistance with pro bono private legal counsel for civil matters including consumer fraud, military rights, immigration, landlord/tenant, predatory lending and creditor/debtor issues. The program also provides monthly workshops dedicated to drafting free wills and powers of attorney for Nevada veterans across the state.

    The @EASE program strives to bolster military readiness by providing Servicemembers with the knowledge that the program has the capacity to manage legal affairs in their absence—putting our Servicemembers @EASE. Earlier this year, the Department of Defense named the Office a “Best Practice Program,” and recommended that the program be duplicated in states throughout the country. The program has partnered with the Nevada State Bar, County Bars and numerous statewide legal organizations to recruit more than 150 local attorneys willing to represent our Servicemembers and their families free of charge.

      “Today, on behalf of all Nevadans, I salute the millions of veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting the life and liberty of all Americans, and hope you will join me in extending our deepest gratitude for their service,” said Attorney General Adam Laxalt. “Nevada is home to an estimated 11,400 active duty military members, 7,620 reserve members and over 228,000 veterans, and the Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE program, through its pro bono partnerships, is proud to have helped Nevada’s Servicemembers and veterans handle over 900 pro bono matters in its first year. With the completion of this business case, there is now empirical data justifying the need for this program and a roadmap to support efforts to form legal assistance offices in other states. It is my hope that this program will demonstrate a commitment to our military communities for years to come, and that eligible Nevadans will continue to take advantage of these services.”

        For more information about the program, visit . Nevada attorneys hoping to volunteer pro bono hours to the program should email Heather Cooney at

          The Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE program business case is attached.