Attorney General Laxalt Hosting Special Law Enforcement Summit to Address School Safety after Florida Shooting

March 5, 2018

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt announced plans to host a law enforcement summit to address the prevention of school shootings in Nevada. The summit, which will be held on March 14th in Carson City and Las Vegas, will examine Nevada’s laws, protocols and security measures for ensuring school safety and responding to violent threats as they unfold. As Nevada’s chief law enforcement officer, the attorney general will lead the statewide law enforcement discussion of these issues. Preparation for the summit has been underway for several weeks.

    The school shooting in Parkland, Florida exposed numerous gaps in Florida’s system for responding to threatened and actual school violence. That deadly rampage underscores the need to evaluate the efficacy of the active-shooter training and physical security in Nevada’s schools, the coordinated law enforcement response to active-shooter events, and the protocols for populating the state’s criminal history repository with critical information that may be used to prevent dangerous persons from acquiring firearms.

      “As the State’s chief law enforcement officer, I am uniquely situated to lead a statewide discussion regarding school safety with law enforcement officials, teachers, school administrators and security experts,” said Laxalt. “Our priority is to identify and discuss procedures for responding to violent threats and making our Silver State a safer place for families.”

        AG Laxalt has hosted seven law enforcement summits to date that have addressed issues such as community-based policing, violent crime, domestic violence, human trafficking, identity theft, the sexual assault kit backlog, working with specialty courts, juvenile justice, and the opioid crisis. Similarly, participants in the upcoming summit will engage in a focused discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of Nevada’s laws, practices and protocols to prevent school shootings. Summit participants will discuss the best methods for preventing deadly violence in Nevada schools and make recommendations which may serve as the basis for a report by AG Laxalt.