Attorney General Laxalt Hosts Eighth Law Enforcement Summit

October 10, 2018

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt hosted his eighth Law Enforcement Summit that brought together sheriffs, chiefs, district attorneys, city attorneys, program managers, federal agencies and other law enforcement officials from Nevada’s counties and tribes. The summit recognized the efforts of Nevada’s law enforcement community, and focused on how local law enforcement can work together to address emerging criminal trends.

    “During my term in office, I’m proud to have hosted eight law enforcement summits that have created opportunities to collaboratively address some of the challenges facing our communities,” said Laxalt. “Early on, we identified issues affecting our communities such as guardianship and sexual assault, and I’m encouraged by the headway we have been able to make on these initiatives through communication and collaboration. I am grateful to all those who participated in these summits in an effort to strengthen our law enforcement community as a whole.”

      The event took place at the Legislative Counsel Bureau in Carson City, and was widely attended by nearly 100 law enforcement officials. The event built on topics from preceding summits, as well as new topics requested by prior attendees.

        The summit agenda included presentations and updates on contemporary topics challenging law enforcement. The topics that were addressed included active shooter training, officer safety in domestic violence situations, investigation and certification of drug-related deaths, and progress on Nevada’s sexual assault kit initiative, among others.