Attorney General Laxalt Issues Statement Following Special Law Enforcement Summit on School Safety

March 14, 2018

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement following his Special Law Enforcement Summit on School Safety. The purpose of the Summit was to examine Nevada’s laws, protocols and security measures for ensuring school safety and responding to violent threats as they unfold.

    “Ensuring that our children are safe in school is one of the most important responsibilities of our communities. By working together and creating a forum to share thoughts and experiences, we can help prevent crises and respond effectively to disasters as they unfold. I’m encouraged by the overwhelming response from our law enforcement, educators and administrators who contributed to an important discussion that I hope will result in recommendations that can be implemented statewide. I am encouraged by the progress of our collaboration, and look forward to working together to make Nevada’s communities a safer place.”

      The Summit brought together members of law enforcement, educators, school administrators and security experts to discuss existing gaps and changes that can be implemented to ensure the safety of Nevada’s schools. Major topics of discussion included:

        •   What active shooter response plans currently exist in Nevada’s schools and how they can be updated to optimize school safety measures.

        •   What training methods and security measures can be implemented to make Nevada’s schools safer.

        •   How predictive analytics can be used to prevent threats to Nevada’s schools and an assessment of whether Nevada’s schools have enough existing hardening measures in place.

        •   How law enforcement can leverage background check systems to prevent future threats to our schools.

        •   How school staff and law enforcement can work together to share information and data in an effort to minimize potential threats to Nevada’s schools.