Attorney General Laxalt Issues Statement on Withdrawal of Cole Memorandum

January 4, 2018

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement in response to today’s announcement that the U.S. Department of Justice has rescinded the 2013 “Cole Memorandum” regarding the enforcement of the federal prohibition against the possession and sale of marijuana:

    “Although I opposed the Question 2 ballot initiative proposing the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada, I also pledged to defend the measure were it approved by the voters. Since Questions 2’s enactment, my office has vigorously defended it against two related lawsuits that threatened to slow or even halt the implementation of the law, and has further assisted with the formulation and adoption of regulations to allow dispensaries to commence sales of recreational marijuana within just six months of the law’s enactment. My office has expeditiously facilitated the implementation of the law in the face of considerable uncertainty about the status of federal enforcement activity.”

      The Office of the Nevada Attorney General is reviewing the DOJ’s letter on the withdrawal of the Cole Memorandum, and evaluating the ramifications for our State.