Attorney General Ford Celebrates Passage of Government Transparency Bill

June 13, 2019

Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford celebrated the signing of Assembly Bill (AB) 70, his office’s bill that improves the Open Meeting Law, which helps keep government entities open and accountable to the public. After months of collaboration with good government groups, members of the media and representatives of cities and counties, the bill passed through the Legislature with strong, bipartisan support.

    “Our democracy can only function with meaningful transparency and accountability to our citizens,” said Attorney General Aaron Ford. “Many of the most important functions of our government occur at public meetings, from our school boards to county commissions. This bill helps the public participate in decisions that affect their community and helps public bodies comply with the Open Meeting Law.”

      AB70, sponsored by the Office of the Attorney General, originated from the Open Meeting Law Task Force. The Task Force sought to update the Open Meeting Law to incorporate modern technologies such as videoconferencing, clarify some of the most common questions about the law and find avenues to increase participation in public meetings. It also increase penalties for continued, intentional violations of the Open Meeting Law to further ensure compliance and transparency.

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