Attorney General Ford Negotiates Settlement for T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Prioritizing Nevada Jobs

November 25, 2019


State of Nevada secures commitments to preserve Nevada jobs and enhance opportunities for minorities, women, Native American tribes and underserved populations

 Carson City, NV - Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford announced a settlement resolving his concerns with the planned merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. AG Ford initially joined other states in opposing the merger, expressing concerns about how a decrease in competition could affect local jobs, innovation and the economic market as a whole. However, AG Ford and his office have been working with T-Mobile and Sprint to negotiate specific settlement terms in the best interests of Nevada consumers and employees.

"With this settlement, T-Mobile and Sprint have demonstrated their commitment to preserve Nevada jobs, deploy a high speed 5G network across the State covering 83 percent of our rural communities, and offer low-price plans," said AG Ford. "Beyond these benefits, the New T-Mobile will make a significant investment to enhance service to our Native American Tribal communities, contribute to programs that enhance opportunities for minorities, women and small businesses. Because of these commitments, I can now support a merger that will preserve Nevada jobs and benefit consumers throughout our State." 

Highlights of the key commitments in the settlement include:

Deploy 5G Network: Within three years of the close of the merger, the New T-Mobile will deploy a 5G network in Nevada with at least 64 percent of the State's population having access to download speeds equal to or greater than 100 Mbps.

  • Within six years of the close, the network will cover at least 94 percent of Nevada's general population and 83 percent of Nevada's rural population, with access to download speeds equal to or greater than 100 Mbps.

Low-Price Mobile Plan Commitment: For at least six years, the New T-Mobile will offer all Nevada consumers new, low-priced plans that include unlimited talk, text and at least 2 GB of data for $15 per month, and 5 GB of data for $25 per month. Furthermore, the New T-Mobile will incrementally increase the amount of data provided under both plans, so that each plan's data allotment will nearly double within four years.

Broadband Access for Education Commitment: Nevada will receive the full benefit of New T-Mobile's nationwide broadband Internet access program, providing free connectivity and equipment to households with school-age children. 

Commitment to Preserve Nevada Jobs

  • All retail T-Mobile and Sprint employees in Nevada will receive an offer of employment with the New T-Mobile, with comparable duties and wages;
  • The New T-Mobile will also maintain the existing Sprint call center in Las Vegas by converting it to a New T-Mobile Customer Experience Center, continuing to employ at least 450 employees for the entire six-year term of the agreement; 
  • The agreement protects the rights of employees to participate in unions or organized labor; and
  • The New T-Mobile will launch a paid apprentice program, selecting between 10 and 15 apprentices per year, including at least three management or professional trainees;

Philanthropic Contribution for Minorities, Women, Small Businesses and Nevada Native-American Tribes: The New T-Mobile will make a charitable contribution of $30,000,000 in three equal installments to fund programs through grants that enhance entrepreneurial opportunities for, and expand small businesses owned by, minorities and women in the State of Nevada. The recipients of these grants for the use of the charitable contribution will be at the discretion of Nevada's attorney general.  Funds may also be used to pre-pay or reimburse costs associated with eligible broadband improvements made for the benefit of Nevada's Native American Tribes under a program administered by the Nevada Governor's Office of Science, Innovation and Technology.

As a result of this settlement, the State of Nevada will withdraw as a plaintiff from the multistate litigation pending before District Judge Victor Marrero in the Southern District of New York.