Attorney General Ford Unveils Statewide Housing and Scam Initiative


Home Again Program Touts Free Housing and Consumer Assistance

    October 16, 2019

    Carson City, NV – Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford and his Home Again: Nevada Homeowner Relief Program unveiled a series of commercials to raise awareness about free housing and resources regarding scams available to Nevadans. The four-video series, launched in English and Spanish, aims to educate the public about affordable housing, reverse mortgages, notario fraud and cybersecurity scams. The commercials were created and produced in partnership with BRAINTRUST Marketing & Communications.

      Home Again is a free public service sponsored by the Office of the Nevada Attorney General offering free services related to housing and consumer assistance. As a onestop- shop for housing resources and questions, Home Again has served over 50,000 Nevadans with counseling and education since its launch in 2013. The program is a collaboration with counseling agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Home Again services are available free of charge to all Nevadans simply by calling toll free 1-855-457-4638 or visiting the Home Again website. Assistance is available Monday-Friday in both English and Spanish.

        “Affordable housing and keeping up with mortgage payments are issues facing Nevadans every day,” said AG Ford. “As someone who has struggled to make ends meet for myself and my family, this initiative is personal. I want every Nevadan to know that help is only one call away with Home Again, and all services offered are entirely free of charge.”

          Affordable Housing (English) 

            Affordable Housing (Spanish)

              Reverse Mortgages (English)

                Reverse Mortgages (Spanish) 

                  In addition to housing services, the Home Again program bolsters Attorney General consumer protection efforts, and helps connect Nevadans with legitimate, legal service providers in the community whenever needed.

                    “More than ever, scam artists are preying on individuals who need document preparation or legal assistance,” continued AG Ford. “Here in my office, we believe education is your first line of defense. Each year, thousands of Nevadans require immigration-related services, and many are defrauded by people either claiming to be experts or willing to deceive them. The same goes for cybercrimes, and the consequences can be devastating. I hope Nevadans will look to Home Again and my office for assistance.”