Nevada Office of Military Legal Assistance Awarded Grant Funding by Nevada Military Support Alliance

May 22, 2019

Carson City, NV - Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford announced that his Office of Military Legal Assistance was awarded a $10,000 grant by the Nevada Military Support Alliance. The grant will be used to bolster current services provided to members of Nevada's military and veteran community, as well as outreach efforts. In particular, the grant will enable the program to better serve Nevada's rural communities with additional resource fairs and legal clinics.

    Launched in November, 2015, Nevada's Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE Program is the nation's first attorney general-led, public-private partnership offering our military communities access to pro bono civil legal services. In practice, the program pairs military service members in need of legal assistance with pro bono private legal counsel for civil matters. The program also provides monthly workshops dedicated to drafting free wills and powers of attorney for Nevada veterans across the State. The program is proud to have been named a "Best Practice Program by the Department of Defense, and recommended for duplication in states throughout the country. The early success of this program resulted in its replication in more than five other states.

      “Legal assistance and access to justice is one of the biggest needs facing our military families, and I’m proud to further my office’s existing commitment to our military,” said AG Ford. “With more than 150 Nevada attorney volunteers, this program and its partners have already served over 4,000 Nevada service members and veterans, demonstrating a real need in our communities. We are grateful to receive this grant funding from the Nevada Military Support Alliance, and are confident that every dollar will do much in service of our military heroes.”

        The Office of Military Legal Assistance is solely supported by private donations, gifts and grant funding. The Nevada Military Support Alliance serves as one of the largest nonprofits in the State supporting Nevada's military families, and acts as a nonprofit organization partner that accepts donations on behalf of the Office of Military Legal Assistance. Members of the Alliance also serve on the Office of Military Legal Assistance's Advisory Board which continues to shape the parameters of the program.

          To view the schedule of upcoming resource fairs, click here. For more information about the Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE Program, or if you are an attorney who would like to volunteer please call 775-684-1100 or visit