AG Aaron D. Ford Hosts Fourth Justice & Injustice Panel: Union Representation of Law Enforcement Officers

June 16, 2020

*** Media Advisory – Save the Date for June 20 ***

WHO:           Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford is hosting a panel discussion with NOBLE Representative Regina Coward-Holman, NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann, Nevada Police Union President Matt Kaplan, Latino Officer's Association Representative Lt. Jose Hernandez, Las Vegas Police Protective Association President Steve Grammas, North Las Vegas Police Department Union President Michael Yarter, and Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association Executive Director Eric Spratley.

WHAT:          AG Ford will be facilitating a discussion with Nevada's law enforcement agencies relating to the death of George Floyd and other deaths around the country resulting from law enforcement action. The panel will focus on how unions represents law enforcement officers and ideas for police reform. 

WHEN:          The discussion will be live streamed Saturday at 2PM. The link provided is for public use only. An account does not have to be made to watch the live stream. Link:

NOTES:         The briefing will include a series of questions posed to all panelists. Members of the media are invited to submit questions in advance via email to and The deadline for media to submit questions is Thursday, June 18th at 3PM. Please include both email addresses in your correspondence. An RSVP is NOT required. Members of the public will be provided an opportunity to tune in and pose questions in real time.