AG Aaron D. Ford Hosts Second Justice & Injustice Panel: Learning With Legislative Leaders

June 3, 2020

WHO: Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford is hosting a panel discussion with some of the State’s legislative leaders including Majority Leader Cannizzaro, Speaker Frierson, Senator Kieckhefer, and Assemblyman Tom Roberts.

WHAT: AG Ford will be facilitating a bipartisan discussion with legislative leaders on current legislation relating to the death of George Floyd and other deaths around the country resulting from law enforcement action. The panelists will also discuss the introduction of new legislation to help keep our communities safe.

WHEN: The town hall will take place on Sunday at 2pm. Details for viewing will be shared in the coming days.

NOTES: The briefing will include a series of questions posed to all panelists. Members of the media are invited to submit questions in advance via email to and . Please include both email addresses in your correspondence. Members of the public will be provided an opportunity to tune in and pose questions in real time.