Attorney General Ford Issues Statement Announcing Latest Election Case Thrown Out of Court

December 4, 2020

Carson City, NV – Today, Attorney General Aaron D. Ford released a statement regarding another attempt to dismiss the 2020 election. The plaintiff sought an order from the Court either declaring President Donald Trump the winner in Nevada or holding that President-elect Joe Biden's victory and the November 3rd election "be declared null and void."   

Yesterday, a Carson City District Court heard the Trump Campaign's latest effort to sully the integrity of Nevada's election results. Today, that court threw President Trump's case out of court.

 "For weeks, President Trump and his surrogates have put out tweets and participated in press releases and other media appearances to perpetuate a phony narrative that widespread voter fraud plagued Nevada's elections. Yet to date, they've provided insufficient proof to support their claims in court, which explains why they keep losing. That said, and while my office is not involved in this lawsuit, I would like to reassure every Nevadan that we take any allegations of voter fraud seriously, and we prosecute where the evidence supports credible claims. In fact, my office is currently prosecuting a claim from the 2016 election," said Attorney General Aaron D. Ford.

 "Because I take fraud claims seriously, I have personally requested that President Trump's team, including former Attorney General Adam Laxalt, file an official complaint and supporting evidence with my office. They have yet to send in a complaint that details and provides evidence for the allegations they have publicly been making. Absent such a complaint and supporting evidence, these claims of widespread voter fraud remain baseless and, moreover, are insulting to the countless of elections workers who have diligently overseen our elections."

 "I would like to once again reiterate that no court has found persuasive the Trump Campaign's contentions of widespread voter fraud in Nevada and that our elections were fair and secure. This has been demonstrated time and time again and across numerous courts. This election is over. President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris won Nevada, and Nevadans can remain confident that their voices have been heard."