Attorney General Ford Praises Office Accomplishments in Biennial Report

September 1, 2020


Report details service to Nevadans for the past two years 

    Las Vegas, NV Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford announced that his office sent its biennial report to the Legislature, detailing the progress and accomplishments it has made over the past two years. The report, nearly 40 pages in length, details the efforts AG Ford and the dedicated public servants in his office have put forth to serve and protect Nevadans. 

    AG Ford’s Administration has been framed by a set of policy priorities referred to as the “Cs,” which guide the way his office serves the State and its people. These priority areas include constitutional rights, criminal justice reform, consumer protection, client service and community engagement.

    “When I took the oath of office as your attorney general on January 7, 2019, I did so with the futures of every Nevadan in mind,” said AG Ford. “I lead this office with my eyes on the future and my hands on the present, meeting every challenge as an opportunity to serve my fellow Nevadans. I couldn’t be more honored as your attorney general, and look forward to the future Nevada we can and will build together.”

    A few of the office accomplishments highlighted in the biennial report include:

    Responding to a global pandemic to minimize the loss of life in Nevada and keep hundreds of Nevadans in their homes;

    Saving over $1.2 billion taxpayer dollars by vigorously defending the State and providing quality client advice; 

    Securing tens of millions of dollars in settlement funding and federal grants which serve our most vulnerable populations, among others;

    Investigating, prosecuting and defending appeals against those who seek to harm Nevadans, including murderers, abusers and scammers; 

    Fighting back against federal attempts to disregard the safety of our families and environment by housing weapons-grade plutonium in Nevada’s backyard;

    Serving and advocating for victims of crime;

    Providing robust constituent services to Nevadans seeking our help, receiving over 50,000 written inquiries; 

    Sponsoring laws to protect Nevadans; and

    Protecting your constitutional rights.

    “Each of these accomplishments is the result of hard work and dedication by the talented members of my office,” added AG Ford. “Just as I took an oath to serve Nevadans and uphold the United States and Nevada Constitutions, so too has each and every employee taken a similar oath within my office. Your health, safety, rights and future could not be more important to us.”