Attorney General Ford Applauds Policy Research Team on Receipt of American Bar Association Award

Aug. 19, 2021

The team’s research led to the successful passage of landmark criminal justice

reform legislation

 Carson City, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford applauded the work of his office’s Policy Research Team after they were presented the Jefferson B. Fordham Award in Law Office Accomplishment from the American Bar Association Section of State and Local Government Law.

“This team is one of the most hard-working and knowledgeable groups that you’ll find in Nevada, and the research they bring forward is exhaustive and important,” said AG Ford. “Their efforts led to two incredibly consequential bills being passed in this year’s legislative session that will have tangible impacts on Nevadans’ lives.

The office’s Policy Research Team was given the award due to work the members had done in researching best practices and caselaw which resulted in the successful passage of important legislation in this year’s legislative session. The Nevada State Legislature passed two laws sponsored by the Office of the Attorney General and related to the Policy Research Team’s research.

Assembly Bill 58 will offer more transparency and accountability regarding Nevada’s law enforcement agencies. The bill gives the Attorney General’s Office the authority to conduct pattern-or-practice investigations and work with police agencies to reform patterns of unlawful policing.

Senate Bill 50 will create a framework that drastically limits no-knock warrants and ensures they are used safely and only when absolutely necessary. As we have seen over recent years, no-knock warrants are becoming an increasing issue, with their use often resulting in injury or death.

Attorney General Ford would like to specifically thank the following members of the Policy Research Team:


  • Rachel J. Anderson, UNLV Professor of Law and former General Counsel
  • James N. Bolotin, Senior Deputy Attorney, General Government & Natural Resources Division
  • Christine Jones Brady, Second Assistant Attorney General
  • Peter P. Handy, Deputy Attorney General, Government & Natural Resources Division
  • Shannon D. Johnson, Legal Researcher
  • Marie W. Martin, Senior Deputy Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection
  • Simba M. Muzorewa, Senior Deputy Attorney General, Prosecution Fraud Unit
  • Frank A. Toddre, Senior Deputy Attorney General, Public Safety Division
  • Tori N. Sundheim, Deputy Attorney General, Government & Natural Resources Division
  • Richard P. Yien, Deputy Attorney General, Business and Taxation Division