Attorney General Ford Receives COVID-19 Vaccine, Encourages Nevadans to get Vaccinated

January 12, 2021

Carson City, NV – As a member of law enforcement and tier one vaccinations, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford received his COVID-19 vaccination yesterday. He has the following message for all Nevadans: 

“Stopping a pandemic requires everyone’s help,” said AG Ford. “Vaccines work hand in hand with your immune system to help your body fight the COVID-19 virus if you’re exposed. Wearing masks and social distancing can also help reduce your risk. Yesterday, I was vaccinated as a member of law enforcement. The process is quick, easy, and free to all Nevadans. As part of a minority group even more vulnerable to this virus, this vaccine is all the more important. I’m encouraging all Nevadans to do their part by getting vaccinated. Help yourself and others and stay strong Nevada.”

For more information on Nevada’s COVID-19 vaccine, visit Immunize Nevada here.