Nevada Attorney General's Office Honored as the Law Firm of the Year

Oct. 14, 2021

Las Vegas, NV - The Las Vegas National Bar Association (LVNBA) announced that the Nevada Attorney General's Office will be honored as the Law Firm of the Year at the Annual Scholarship Gala and Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Celebration.

"I want to congratulate the AG Family for their hard work and service," said Attorney General Aaron D. Ford. "The recognition is due entirely to the work each representative of the office has done to enhance justice in the great state of Nevada. I’m so proud our office’s dedication to the guiding principles of our ‘Five C's’ — constitutional rights, criminal justice reform, consumer protection, client service and community engagement. I could not ask for better representatives of our office and am immensely proud of every member of the AG Family."

The LVNBA is the Las Vegas chapter of the National Bar Association, the country’s oldest and largest association of predominantly African-American lawyers, judges, law professors and other legal professionals. Each year, the LVNBA awards the Law Firm of the Year Award to a law firm in Southern Nevada that has handled matters that benefit the Southern Nevada community, especially local low-income communities or communities of color, and demonstrated a commitment to diversity in its office.

“Over the past two years the Office of the Attorney General has worked diligently to address issues across the fields of criminal justice, social justice and racial equality. In the most recent example, the office sponsored criminal justice reform bills that severely restricted no-knock warrants and expanded the Attorney General’s authority to conduct pattern-or-practice investigations,” said LVNBA Gala Committee  Member and Attorney Amber White-Davidson. “These accomplishments, along with the office’s commitment to diversity, make us proud to award the Office of the Attorney General Law Firm of the Year.”