Nevada Attorney General's Office Partners with the United States Secret Service to Host The 2021 Law Enforcement Summit

October 22, 2021

Reno, NV – On Thursday, Oct. 21, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford hosted the 2021 Law Enforcement Summit, bringing together members of law enforcement agencies from around the state and country. The Summit, a partnership between the Nevada Office of the Attorney General and the United States Secret Service, allowed attendees to learn from each other and discuss best practices to deal with many of the issues faced by law enforcement today.  

"As the top law enforcement officer, I swore a sacred oath to serve and protect the public," said AG Ford. "Every officer also swore a sacred oath to serve and protect the public, but it is difficult to serve and protect a public that does not trust us or is afraid of us. We all wear the same badge and shoulder the same burden to earn the public's trust. We cannot just say the right thing. We have to do the right thing."

“I want to thank the U.S. Secret Service for their help in putting on this important event, and I want to thank all attendees for coming out today to learn or to share their expertise,” AG Ford continued.

The event, held in Reno, was attended by over 100 members of law enforcement both in-person and virtually at different points during the day.

The Summit included presentations on topics relevant to the modern law enforcement community, including discussions on cybersecurity, violence prevention, the sovereign citizen movement and acts of terrorism, including the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas, among others. 




(Photo: Nevada Attorney General’s Office, United States Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security)