Attorney General Ford Releases Statement After SCOTUS Decision Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency

June 30, 2022

Carson City, NV — Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s statement in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency:   

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia v. EPA is another shortsighted decision that will have ramifications far into the future. By gutting the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority before the agency had even made a decision, the Supreme Court has stopped necessary actions to combat climate change. It has restricted the ability of our regulatory agencies to take the steps necessary to ensure a safe and environmentally clean life for Americans, and sided with those who put profit over responsibility.

Nevada has been hit hard by the climate crisis – one needs to look no further than the rapidly dropping Lake Mead for evidence. Our state, and many others, cannot continue to wait for action. Each setback makes the damage worse, and makes fixing the issue harder. Today’s decision is profoundly disappointing, and it pushes much of the onus for climate action onto states.

Make no mistake, Nevada will take whatever steps necessary to protect our climate, our environment and our planet, and we will work diligently with partners around the West and around the country as a whole to do so.”