Attorney General Ford Issues Statement on Supreme Court Decision Upholding Ban on Domestic Abusers Possessing Firearms

June 21, 2024

Carson City, NV — Today, Attorney General Aaron Ford issued the following statement after the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Rahimi.

"The first priority of the justice system must be to protect the safety and liberty of those who would otherwise be threatened by others,” said AG Ford. “Today's decision is common-sense, though it is concerning and disappointing that this case had the opportunity to get this far. If a person has been found to be a credible threat, that person should not be allowed to possess tools to terrorize or threaten another.”

“Domestic violence is, tragically, an ongoing issue in our country,” AG Ford continued. “The victims of domestic violence should have the ability to focus on their healing process without worry that their abuser may have legal access to a firearm through which they could be further victimized. Survivors of abuse must come first in our conversations about domestic violence and in resulting policy decisions.”