Attorney General Laxalt Celebrates National Homeownership Month

June 4, 2015

Home Again program to offer assistance to Nevada’s homeowners 

    Carson City, NV – Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt joins with federal government agencies, state and local government offices, and non-profit organizations in celebrating National Homeownership Month, during the month of June. National Homeownership Month aims to raise awareness about programs designed to benefit current and prospective homeowners. Attorney General Laxalt encourages Nevada residents to learn more about the resources available to them to maintain homeownership or to become homeowners.

      “My office is pleased to take this opportunity during National Homeownership Month to guide Nevadans toward becoming more informed consumers,” said Laxalt. “After years of an unpredictable housing market, Nevadans have once again begun to look to homeownership as an important part of the American Dream. Current and prospective homeowners should be aware of their rights, responsibilities and even pitfalls involved in achieving or maintaining homeownership.”

        Nevadans are encouraged to work with licensed real estate agents and to take advantage of federally mandated free annual credit scores to assess their chances of qualifying for new loans. Homeowners should be aware that payment for loan modification assistance is never required before services are rendered. Free loan modification assistance and access to financial literacy programs are available to inform potential homeowners about the costs associated with purchasing and sustaining a home.

          The Home Again Nevada Homeowner Relief Program is a public service sponsored by the Office of the Nevada Attorney General. The program is a one-stop resource designed to provide free counseling and legal assistance to Nevada residents, hoping to purchase a home or learn about becoming a homeowner. The program also provides an opportunity for current homeowners to explore options and resources available in an effort to reach resolutions to their current housing issues.

            To receive assistance and learn more about the program and eligibility requirements, homeowners are encouraged to contact Home Again by calling 1-855-HLP4NEV (1-855-457-4638) or visit the website here. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish. Mortgage fraud complaints may be filed with the Office of the Nevada Attorney General here.