Attorney General Aaron Ford Warns of Moving Scams

March 5, 2020

*National Consumer Protection Week Advisory*

    Carson City, NV - Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford urges Nevadans to protect their valuables and possessions when relocating to a new home by taking a few extra steps to avoid unscrupulous movers. When preparing for a move, spending the necessary time to research movers can prevent a more serious issue from occurring. Remember, advertising services and then intentionally not providing them is a violation of Nevada law.

    "Moving is a stressful time for everyone, and it is important to do your homework to find the best option for you," said AG Ford. "When moving companies have consumers' possessions under lock and key, unscrupulous movers may see an opportunity to shake consumers down for more money."

    Typically, unscrupulous companies will offer a low quote to consumers over the phone or online, then demand more money once their possessions are loaded on to the truck. AG Ford and his Bureau of Consumer Protection offer the following tips for selecting a moving company:

    • ​Make sure the mover is registered and insured. For in-state moves, visit the Nevada Transportation Authority website to find a list of movers with active certificates. When moving out of state, make sure the mover is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) through the agency's Mover Search Tool;
    • ​Get a written quote for your move-the more detailed, the better. If the company does not do an on-site visit, include information such as number of rooms, estimated number of boxes per room and any items that require more care, such as pianos or fitness equipment;
    • Research the company. Review the mover's complaint history online, including on the Better Business Bureau and the FMCSA's Mover Search Tool. Ask for recommendations from family and friends; and
    • Understand the difference between a mover and a broker. A moving broker is not a mover; it is a sales team that books your move and sells it to a moving company. Moving brokers must also be registered with the FMSCA. Ask for a list of movers that the broker uses so that you can research them as well.

    If you believe a moving company has acted deceptively, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Nevada Attorney General here. More information about National Consumer Protection Week is available here.