Attorney General Ford Announces Sentencing of Keyana Lanice Jamill Carter for Medicaid Fraud

June 3, 2021

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford announced that Keyana Lanice Jamill Carter, 29, of Las Vegas, was sentenced in a Medicaid fraud case involving the failure to maintain adequate records to substantiate claims submitted to Nevada Medicaid between July 2017 and June 2019.

Eighth Judicial District Court Judge Jerry A. Wiese sentenced Carter to 364 days in jail, suspended, and placed Carter on probation for one year. As a part of her sentence, Carter was ordered to pay $500,000 in restitution. Individuals or businesses convicted of Medicaid fraud may also be administratively excluded from future Medicaid and Medicare participation.

“Carter and similar individuals who commit Medicaid fraud will be aggressively pursued and prosecuted by my office,” saidAG Ford. “Carter’s conviction should serve as a warning that we will not tolerate health care providers who abuse the system for personal gain.”

The investigation of this case began after the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) received information that Carter, through her company Gentle Touch Behavioral Health LLC, was billing Nevada Medicaid for services that were not provided. The MFCU also received information that the company’s employees were asked to create false records to document services that were never provided in an attempt to substantiate claims that were submitted to Medicaid for payment. The investigation revealed that Carter not only failed to maintain requisite documentation to support services allegedly provided to Medicaid recipients, but she also presented documentation that had signatures of healthcare providers on them who denied having provided the services.  

The MFCU investigates and prosecutes financial fraud by those providing healthcare services or goods to Medicaid patients. The MFCU also investigates and prosecutes instances of elder abuse or neglect. The Nevada MFCU receives 75 percent of its funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under a grant award. The remaining 25 percent is funded by the State of Nevada, MFCU. Anyone wishing to report suspicions regarding any of these concerns may contact the MFCU at 702-486-3420 or 775-684-1100.

This case was investigated by the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and

prosecuted by Senior Deputy Attorney General Behnaz Salimian Molina.

The criminal Information for Keyana Lanice Jamill Carter is attached.  

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Carter, Keyana Lanice Jamill


(Photograph courtesy of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)