How do I Report a Complaint of Mortgage or Foreclosure Fraud?

Consumers who spot these scams or others are encouraged to submit a written complaint. To report information regarding a person or business that you believe to be committing Mortgage Lending Fraud, please submit one of these forms:

Tips for submitting a Complaint:

  • Provide as much of the requested information/documentation as is reasonably available to you.
  • In Section 2 of the complaint form, “tell your story,” but also be sure to detail:
    1. the misrepresentation(s), misstatement(s) and/or omission(s) of material fact that were made;
    2. the date(s) of said misrepresentation(s), misstatement(s) and/or omission(s) of material fact;
    3. how these misrepresentation(s), misstatement(s) and/or omission(s) were relied upon; and
    4. the value of any loss due to said misrepresentation(s), misstatement(s) and/or omission(s).
  • If you require more space than the complaint form provides, write, “See Additional Sheet(s),” in the applicable section of the complaint form, then attach additional sheets with that information. On the additional sheet, note at the top left hand corner the section number of our complaint form that you are supplementing on that sheet.
  • Provide copies of any and all documentation pertaining to the underlying transaction or transactions that you believe to have been fraudulent. If it is unduly burdensome or expensive to provide all such copies with your complaint form, be sure to include those documents that support your belief that fraud took place, and describe the remaining documentation in sufficient detail to allow us to request copies of those additional items that might further our investigation.
  • The completed complaint form must be stapled together, signed and dated. Please mail or deliver the original complaint form, along with copies of any supporting documentation, to one of the following locations:

    Nevada Attorney General’s Office
    Attention: Mortgage Fraud Unit
    555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 3900
    Las Vegas, NV 89101-1068

    Nevada Attorney General’s Office
    Attention: Mortgage Fraud Unit
    100 North Carson Street
    Carson City, NV 89701-4717

    Nevada Attorney General’s Office
    Attention: Mortgage Fraud Unit
    5420 Kietzke Lane, Suite 202
    Reno, NV 89511-2062

      A member of our staff will review your complaint and decide whether to open a formal investigation, incorporate your complaint into an existing investigation or simply log the information into our database for informational and statistical purposes only. This process can be lengthy and you may be contacted by a State investigator for further information or additional documentation.

        Please note that your complaint form and supporting documentation will be kept confidential during our investigation, but if the State elects to take legal action against the offender, these items will likely become evidence whose disclosure will be required as part of the court process.

          For more information on submitting a complaint, call the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Hotline by calling 702-486-3132.